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The Haunting of Hill House

10 episodes

This is the story of a family that has long lived in a house inhabited by ghosts. But one night something terrible happens that the family goes to live in another place. The plot of the new horror series from Netflix “The Haunting of Hill House” is based on the book of the 60s. Years later, tragedy makes them return to that house and face the evil that dwells within its walls.


The Dragon Prince (season 1)

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The Dragon Prince

9 episodes

This is a fantasy story about a trio of teenagers, on whose shoulders the fate of the world lies – after all, they have the last dragon’s egg. The world of Xadia is based on six types of magic – Fire, Water, Earth, Stars, Ocean and Sky. However, the balance of power changes when the Dark Magic appears, and the two princes unite with the elf for the sake of an epic adventure, which we will see in the animated series “Dragon Prince”.


House of Cards (season 6)

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House of Cards

8 episodes

The new season of the popular project “House of Cards” continues the sensational story about political confrontations, the struggle for power, justice and a place in the sun. All the tools here are good. Blackmail, alliances, betrayals, open hostility and much, much more. Francis Underwood has already felt that this is a dangerous political game. Now, his wife Claire in the role of the current president is faced with a series of incredible difficulties.


Daredevil (season 3)

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13 episodes

Daredevil in the comics is a blind superhero, a direct embodiment of the expression “justice is blind.” Matt Murdock as a child got in an accident, after which the chemicals got into his eyes, because of this he was blind. It is not known what these chemicals were, but because of it, all the other feelings of the hero (from hearing to a sense of balance) have sharpened to all reasonable limits. Young Matt lost his father-boxer because of crime in his home district of New York. Years later, he fights crime … at daytime as a lawyer Matt Murdock, and at night as “Daredevil”.


Ghoul (season 1)

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3 episodes

The events of the new Indian TV series “Ghoul” are going on in the near future, joyless and paranoid. We are watching one state, in which the number one goal is to catch all the terrorists. And who are these terrorists – readers of forbidden literature, professors who lecture outside the program, or maybe residents of the districts under the hood – it does not matter. The idea of fear under the guise of security. The inexperienced negotiator arrives at a secret military base to talk to terrorists, where particularly dangerous criminals are held. But she did not expect who would be in front of her.


American Vandal (season 2)

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8 episodes

The event happened at school parking and quite unusual. There, one day, 27 cars are found with male organs are drawn in on them. And the big ones. An investigation is beginning. The series “American Vandal” is and comedy and detective. Suspicion fell immediately on the local hooligan Dylan. In order to understand this whole story, one of the schoolchildren starts to keep a documentary chronicle, which we have the opportunity to observe.


Atypical (season 2)

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10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Atypical” Sam recently crossed the eighteen-year line of his life. The young man has been a hostage of mental disorder all these years. However, to remain alone is not what the protagonist wants. Sam feels that it’s time to break out of prison and start a full life. He decides that it’s time to find a girlfriend with whom you can communicate on any topic and share experiences. However, before finding a person close in spirit, Sam has to sort out himself. As it turned out, he is a very complex person, who can not understand much in this life.


Ozark (season 2)

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10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Ozark” – financial analyst Marty Bird – a plausible head of the family, has wife and two children. But it turns out that Marty manages the assets of not only honest American workers, but also the Mexican drug cartel. He launders money of the mafia, which bring in big profits. Running from the cartel is useless, you have to fulfill the conditions for laundering a large amount of cash or the mafia will deal with your family and you. And when your tracks are followed by FBI, the variety of actions and actions is considerably narrowed.


The Innocents (season 1)

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The Innocents

8 episodes

They fled to live, as they want. But she has a supernatural gift. The series “The Innocents”, is a fantastic story of a boy and a girl. Being a teenager is not easy, problems with parents, first love, misunderstanding of peers. But if you are a werewolf, your life can become quite unbearable. Sixteen-year-old Jun runs away with her boyfriend Harry from home, away from the repressive and strict father. They just want to be together and enjoy the senses. But the girl was not just under the care. She has an ability that she is not yet able to control. June is able to change herself. She tries to take control of her unusual strength.


Insatiable (season 1)

1,242 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

Patty is very upset that peers do not invite her to their companies. Her attempts to make friends with at least some of them end in failure. She often becomes the object of ridicule and evil rallies. And the problem is that the girl suffers from excess weight. Tired of this state of affairs, the heroine decides to lose excess pounds. From awkward bbw Patty turns into the first beauty. Now she does not have hanging from the gentlemen, and those who did not even notice her before, are trying to offer their friendship. In addition, the girl receives a favorable offer from one agency and becomes a star of the modeling business. But she perfectly remembers everyone who in previous times hurt her and suffered. And now he decides to take revenge.